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With 18 years of experience as an attorney and 13 years of being an elected official in Jefferson County, Mathew Johnson has the knowledge and skills to represent you in legal cases involving criminal defense, divorce, child custody disputes, Family Services Cases and local government laws and regulations in Helena and Butte MT. . He also provides will drafting, probate law and estate planning services to residents of Helena and the surrounding areas. Call today to discuss your legal needs with an experienced local attorney.

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With years of experience in litigation and in the courtroom, Mathew Johnson from the Mathew Johnson Law Office, PC in Helena, MT knows how to give you the best chance of receiving a positive outcome in your court case. As a criminal defense attorney with experience defending those charged with felonies, misdemeanors, DUIs and similar charges, Mr. Johnson will aggressively defend your rights inside and outside of the courtroom.

Call today to secure the support of a talented and experienced criminal defense attorney serving Missoula County, Helena, Butte and Bozeman MT.

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Mathew Johnson is dedicated to putting you first. When you call to discuss your legal needs, he'll work closely with you to understand your case, develop a strong defense and create a strategy for success. He emphasizes good communication and will work hard to put his solid trial experience and well-honed negotiation and litigation skills to work for you. Whether you're facing criminal charges or going through a nasty divorce, Mathew Johnson can help.
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