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Experienced in all facets of criminal law including bond hearings, arraignments, revocations, suppression hearings, property forfeitures, and bench and jury trials both as Defense Counsel and 13 years as a former County Attorney/Prosecutor.

With over 20 years experience handling DUI cases including license suspension hearings, challenges to the traffic stop and particularized suspicion, challenging field sobriety testing (FST’s), blood warrants, and bench and jury trials, let me analyze your case and develop a defense strategy for you.

I have significant courtroom experience in many areas of criminal law including child endangerment, DUI’s (felonies and misdemeanors), vehicular homicides, burglaries, theft, illegal drug cases, criminal endangerment, child abuse, sexual assaults, assaults, traffic citations, and fish and game cases.

Everyone deserves the zealous protection of their constitutional rights, due process, and criminal defense to charges filed. My polished trial skills, extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, unique perspective on criminal law and the justice system, and proven results, will provide you with high quality and compassionate legal representation. I am wiling to take cases throughout Montana.


Divorce, Child Custody, Guardianships, and Family Services Cases

Experienced in litigating complicated family law cases including dissolutions of marriage, child custody issues, parenting plans, property and debt settlements, guardianships, and cases involving the Department of Family Services (DFS) with extended practice in contested hearings, settlement conferences, un-contested hearings, mediation, trials, and use of guardian ad litems. Other areas of my practice include guardianships, adoptions, and name changes.

Family Law cases can be highly contentious and parties may take polarized positions. Such positions may unfairly hurt not only the parties, but their families, and children. I strive to maintain open communication with my clients throughout the litigation process and every case has a potential for a reasonable resolution without prolonged battles or contested court hearings. If a reasonable resolution cannot be agreed upon and the matter is contested, I will use my well polished trial skills to seek what is a just and acceptable outcome for my client within the courtroom. I am currently taking cases throughout Montana.


General Litigation, Local Government Disputes

I will provide legal advice on real estate law, government relations, and road law. I have experience in public and private road and easement law, land planning, and subdivision regulations.

With over 20 years of litigation experience, I can represent you in general litigation cases, local government disputes, open meeting laws,and subdivision disputes.


Estate Management, Wills, Property Management

20 years experience in litigating probates, managing estates, and drafting wills. 13 years experience as public administrator in Jefferson County with experience in probate litigation, estates and property management. 5 years experience in the Montana Army National Guard as a JAG attorney providing estate planning and drafting wills for soldiers and their families.

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